What is NFC in Mobile

What is NFC in Mobile ? Benefit of NFC and NFC Features

What is NFC in mobile

What is NFC in Mobile? NFC or Near Field Communication is a small range of high-frequency wireless communication technology.

  • NFC is primarily targeted for mobile or handheld devices.
  • A radio communication is established by touching two phones or keeping them in close proximity of some centimeters (up to 10 cm).
  • It allows simplified transactions between two devices, data exchange and wireless connections.
  • Allows communication between
    • Two powered (active) devices
    • Operated and non-operable (inactive) device.
What is NFC in Mobile
What is NFC in Mobile

NFC Operating Modes

Reader / author mode

So, NFC device NFC forum is able to read compulsory tag types, such as embedded tags in NFC smart posters.

Peer-to-Peer mode

Two NFC devices can exchange data. For example, you can share Bluetooth or Wi-Fi link setup parameters or you can exchange data such as virtual business cards or digital photos.

Card emulation mode

So, NFC device external reader looks like a traditional touch less smart card. This contact enables less smart cards. It enables low payment and ticketing by NFC devices without changing the existing infrastructure.

What is NFC in Mobile
What is NFC in Mobile

NFC Features

  • NFC Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is an extension that combines the interface of a smart card and the reader in the same device. Allow two-way communication between endpoints, where the first systems were only one side.
  • It operates within 14.5 Hz bandwidth, 13.56 MHz globally available and licensed proportional frequency band.
    Working distance with compact standard antenna: up to 10 cm.
  • Supported rates: 106, 212 and 424 kbt/s.
  • For two devices to communicate using NFC, one device should have an NFC reader / writer and someone has an NFC tag.

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Benefits of NFC

NFC offers many benefits to consumers and businesses, such as:

  • Versatile: So, NFC is ideally suited for a wide range of industries, environment and uses.
  • Open and Standard-based: The underlying layers of NFC technology adhere to the universally applicable ISO, ECMA and ETSI standards.
  • Technology-enabled: NFC facilitates faster and simpler setup of wireless technologies (like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.).
  • Naturally safe: NFC transmission is safe because of short range communication.
  • Inter-operative: NFC works with existing contact low card technologies.
  • Security Ready: NFC has the underlying capabilities to support secure applications.

Operation of NFC

There is two mode of communication

  • Passive Communication Mode: So, The Initiator device provides a carrier field and the target device answers by modulating existing field. In this mode, the target device may draw its operating power from the Initiator-provided electromagnetic field.
  • Active Communication Mode: Both Initiator and Target device communicate by alternately generating their own field. A device deactivates its RF field while it is waiting for data. In this mode, both devices typically need to have a power supply.

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