Protect your Android phone from hacking

How to protect my phone from hacking in this special way?

Protect My Phone From Hacking:

How to Protect my phone from hacking? This is the question in every one mind but no one finds the right and accurate answer. As you know, nowadays is the time of Android. Almost every one person uses Android smartphones. In this way, hackers also try to hack Android phones. Often we use our smartphones in a very uncomfortable way, but our only mistake is to call the hackers, which makes it very easy to break on our smartphone.

Today we are going to tell you about some such methods related to using Android. By which you can save your smartphone from hacking. Actually, Android is the most likely an easy target of hackers, so if we take care of some small things then you can secure your device.

1. Use PIN or Password

This is a very important step to protect your phone from hacking, letting you know that you always put a pin or pattern on your smartphone. Try that the password of the phone is a bit complicated. You can set a PIN code with special credentials in your phone, set up patterns, or even if you want to use a fingerprint. Along with this, you should keep changing the PIN or pattern of your phone over time.

Protect your Android phone from hacking
Protect your Android phone from hacking

2. Do not download the unwanted app

Often we download any app in our smartphone for entertainment. Let us know if there is a danger to our privacy, when downloading any app from the Play Store, check that the application belongs to the company or not. Or is someone else’s Do not download anything from an unauthorized website.

3. SMS Lock

This is the best way to protect hackers, lock your messaging box, where you get a one-time password i.e. OTP.

4. Rescue from unsafe Wi-Fi

Let us know that hackers can hack your information via WiFi or even Bluetooth. So, therefore avoid using unsafe Wi-Fi. When using things like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, always turn off the wireless connection.

Protect my phone from hacking
Protect my phone from hacking

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5. Use Anti-Virus

You can also protect your Android smartphone from anti-virus programs. You can download the best security app in your phone if you wish. Trend Micro and Norton are cheaper and better options. But keep in mind that do not download any Security app.

6. Do not save passwords in the browser: –

Often, when we login to our account on any website in any browser, we save our password and email ID on it. And the same thing keeps waiting for the hackers. By saving a password in the browser, your smartphone becomes the easy tag for hackers. So keep in mind that do not accidentally save passwords in the Android browser.

7. Keep the system up-to-date

Let us know that we should always keep a date for your smartphone. We should keep updating the updates received from the company from time to time. From which we can save our smartphone from the look of hackers.

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