Three Problems of Pubg

Three Problems of Pubg needs to fix

Before we talk about problems of Pubg, for those of you who don’t know what is Pubg? Pubg or PlayerUnknown Battleground is an online multiplayer Battle Royale game. Launched by South Korean Video game Company Bluehole on December 2017, but still facing some of the problems that I used to suffer at the time of launch. So, I had listed some issues that I used to meet when I used to play pubg and why I think that pubg is nothing but a waste of time. So, let’s continue-

Three Problems of Pubg

Less Optimized

If you have played some other favourite games such as Fortnite and recently released game Apex Legends, then you might know what I am talking about.

Whenever I used to play Pubg, I noticed that Desync was the most common issue of Pubg, and the sad thing is that I still face the same problem in this game to date. So, nothing is more irritating than got shot by someone who isn’t in your sight. Moreover, you might have noticed that when you shoot other players with your gun and watch the blood pour out of them but still you are not getting the kill.

Moreover, the biggest problem with Pubg that is hurting the most is some bugs in it. Some of the bugs that you might have experienced are matchmaking bugs, pubg crashing on launch, Vehicle bugs, weapon bugs and the most irritating one is a door opening a bug. However, Pubg started a campaign for fixing all these bugs by creating a team. However, all this is in vain as all the users are facing this issue to date. If you want to play other games that are better than Pubg, then go to this link.

Unfair Gameplay

Initially, when Bluehole launched Pubg for testing purpose, its gameplay was fantastic. However, since then, the quality of this game started deteriorating. The reason is the use of hacks in the game. You name it; there are every type hacks available for Pubg. Cheaters use wallhack to shot from the walls, recoil control to control the vertical and horizontal recoil of your gun and auto-aim to lock your aim at your enemies to kill others with a headshot. Some hackers use some scripts to flying cars in the air.

When it comes to cheating tools, hackers use scripts or apps like Games guardian for hacks like AimBot or Wallhacks. However, Pubg allows you to report players if you think that they are cheating using hack tools. Moreover, Tencent reviews each complaint and bans the account of a hacker. However, this is not enough because hacker creates a new account and starts hacking using cheating tools.

Usage of these types of hacks is unfair to those players who play this game by following all the rules. They reach to top ten by killing their opponents, but then Hackers come and kill them instantly using cheating tools. In a recent report it a Twitter user revealed that Tencent banned more than 30000 users in a week and 12 thousand to 13 thousand players in a day.

Addiction of Pubg

In recent time, playing games such as Pubg has become a digital addiction. Even WHO has identified that playing games like Pubg for hours has become a disorder. PUBG is an online multiplayer game that garnered millions of users all over the world.

Moreover, I think that you might have seen that some students or children who are always stuck to their smartphone.  They play Pubg every day without any limit.

Recently, I got to know that a 15-year-old kid got sick because of Pubg. However, it is not the end because these games are impacting their relationships with parents. According to a report, since January 2018, Pubg is the reason behind more than 200 divorce cases that are filed in the UK.

You still won’t believe that the critical impact of android games on youth is always at a higher rate by even playing Dr Driving, Subway surfers, mini militia or clash of clans.  Wherever you go, from YouTube to social media, there is everywhere Pubg related stuff.

So, Tencent needs to find a solution for this to sustain in the market to compete with Fortnite. As you might know, fortnite helps in building creativity. Tencent can introduce some fun feature for creativity or setting an age restriction for minors as this game involves killing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What types of cheats hackers use?

Answer- Hackers can manipulate their aim, spot enemies faster-using wall hacks, shoot through walls, control recoil of guns and flying.

Q- What software hacker’s use?

Answer- In Pubg Mobile, the most famous hacking app is Games Guardian app. It allows them to change scripts within the game. These hackers become invincible after using hacks.

Q- What are some alternatives to Pubg?

Answer- Apex Legends and fortnite are two games alternative for Pubg PC and Pubg Mobile, you can play Battlelands Royale and Fortnite Mobile.


To, conclude I would say that I have played Pubg Pc and mobile for more than one year. However, after playing other multiplayer battle royale games, I can say that don’t waste your time on Pubg. The reason is that even after more than one years of its launch it is still not optimized.

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