Hotmail/Outlook not working

Hotmail/Outlook not working Because Page Is Not Loading on Any Browser

Hotmail/Outlook not Working: You want to send an important mail and suddenly you noticed that the page to sign into your email account is not loading. It shows that the browser is busy loading the page, however, not displaying the page. You tried to open the login page in a different browser and the problem is still the same.

This is not a very common problem, however, may occur on the browser while trying to login to your email account. This is to be noted that the problem lies on, the internet browser and it is a matter of few settings which is not appropriate for signing into the email account.

Hotmail/Outlook not Working

While surfing the internet, the browser opens a number of websites and other links. It even downloads temporary files and cookies to your system to load the page. While going through all this, the possibility arises where your internet browser’s settings are automatically changed as per the compatibility of the given web page. As a result of that, the appropriate settings required to load the sign in page of your email do not get saved on the browser and it gets stuck to the loading page.

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Outlook not working
Outlook not working

How can we resolve this?

The Company provides the technical support. Generally, if you face the problem on one internet browser. The chances are very less that it works on the other browser. You may try using a different browser and check if it works. However, if it does not, then try the following steps: –

  1. If you are working on Internet Explorer, then go to the Advanced Tab in Internet Options s and scroll down to the HTTP 1.1 settings section. Clear the box which says Use HTTP 1.1 and put a check mark on Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections.
  2. If you are using Google Chrome then under the Advanced Settings section, click on reset browser and restart all the browsers.

Most of the time, the problem resolves by itself, however, if it does not, then the last thing you can try is to reinstall the browser.

How can we prevent this problem from happening?

Well, the problem persists because of the saved cookies and temporary internet files on the system. It is advisable that you keep deleting the cookies and files from the system. Also, delete the offline files to optimize the system performance. Page to sign into the email account saves its cookies in the system temp folder and every time you open the page. And it loads from the cookies saved in the system folder. Deleting the files enables the web page to download the latest cookies and the probability of getting such issues automatically decreases.

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