Online Voting App: Requirement of Bringing Online Voting Platform in Light

Online Voting App

Body: Elections are a backbone of any democracy and so is the case with India. Throughout the year some or other elections are held in India. Currently, the majority of the elections are conducted using the electronic voting machines. But the accuracy of EVMs is under question by various leaders. There is definitely need to upgrade the voting with the upgradation of modern technology. Surely, nowadays, the internet is much in use so if an online voting app is introduced as a medium for elections then that could make the elections process easier and better.

Why it is needed?

There is the requirement to upgrade to online platform because of various reasons which are mentioned below. Some people have doubt how to use this platform for voting. The usage is really very simple. People have to download the Online Voting App on their devices and then they have to undergo the process of registering themselves there. Once they have registered successfully, they can cast their vote online using this app. As this process is user-friendly as well as free from any kind of a hassle. So people become more interested to vote through it as they can even avoid visiting polling booths. Below mentioned are few more advantages of using the online voting app:

  • Voter turnout increases: It is very obvious when the voters will come to know that they will not have to visit anywhere for voting. Then they will become more keen in the process. This facility even provides an opportunity to those who are not present in the city at that time. That implies even the NRIs, professionals who are traveling and all others who are not there in the city can easily vote using the app. That will increase the voter turnout for any particular election.
online voting app
online voting app

Reduces election cost

In the process of election, lots of money is invested every year. A huge portion of this money is invested in making the process secure. The money that is invested in polling stations, election workers and security personnel could be saved easily if the entire process goes online. If online platform has opted, then India can save lot of money which could be further utilized for other developmental activities.

  • Reduces time:

India is a developing country and now it requires a lot of time to invest in the developing activities. But currently, a majority of the time of the leaders are invested in the election campaigns. Which are conducted throughout the year. Hence, it is essential that election process is concentrated only on one portion of the year and rest of the year, leaders concentrate only on developmental activities. Online voting is the only way by which the implication of such a process is possible.


With the passage of time, new and better technology is replacing the obsolete ones. Therefore, now the time has come that India replaces its old and obsolete mediums of elections and opt for the online voting app. Such a system will provide better security, hassle free and malpractices free results and most importantly convenience to the voters.

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