5 Reasons Why Logo Design Important For A Business

5 Reasons Why Logo Design Important For A Business

A lot of small business owners feel that investing in a logo is a needless expense and they can always get one later when they have established themselves. A sports apparel company targeting ice hockey teams in Canada was recommended an agency for logo design in Vancouver. The business owner was not keen on getting a unique symbol but the graphic design services firm based in Vancouver explained to her how a logo can be advantageous for the fledgling company. The design agency put forth a few key reasons explaining why a symbol is important for establishing a brand in its business domain. Let’s take a look at the reasons which encouraged the Canadian entrepreneur to hire the firm.

Logo Design Important

1. Helps Create A Distinctive Brand Identity

The first reason that the agency presented to the business person was that a logo will help create a distinctive identity for her brand. A logo is the most effective visual tool that is used by existing and potential customers to recognize a brand. The unique symbol is usually the introduction of an enterprise to a prospective client. A well-designed logo will create a positive and lasting first impression on most people prompting them to use the product or services it is representing.

2. Generate Interest And Awareness About The Brand

A new business needs an extensive promotional strategy that can help it promote its offerings a large section of the target audience. The graphic design company based in Vancouver told the Canadian sports apparel manufacturer that the ice hockey teams that it is targeting will want to know about her company’s product if an eye-catching logo is used in the promotional material. So, Team owners will also feel that the apparel company is a professional outfit which can be trusted and not a fly-by-night operator looking to make a quick buck.


3. Helpful In Attracting New Customers


Careful thought and intensive planning are the keys to create successful logos. Each element whether it is the color scheme or the typography must be in perfect synchronization with the branding strategy. This helps in devising a symbol that will generate curiosity among potential clients. They will be attracted by the smartly-designed logo and be encouraged to try the services of the company. A logo is a powerful tool for effectively communicating the marketing strategy of an enterprise.

4. Gives An Edge Over Competition

One of the major reasons for which businesses must invest resources for acquiring a unique symbol is the advantage it will give them over their rivals. In fact, this is the point that prompted the Canadian sports apparel company to hire the firm for logo design in Vancouver. Having the branding tool first creates a separate identity for the business which distinguishes it from competitors who also have their own unique logos. Secondly, the symbol helps them get an edge over other small firms which may be offering similar services but do not have a professional logo.

5. Valuable In Creating Brand Loyalty

All businesses need a strong customer base to sustain themselves and a logo can be a valuable ally in meeting this objective. With the passage of time, people start to associate the trust and dependability of a brand with its logo. They look for their favorite brand while looking at different options. And when they spot the familiar symbol, it speeds up their decision-making process. More often than not people choose a product or service that they have used earlier rather than trying something new. A logo by fostering brand loyalty ensures that the enterprise has a steady source of revenue-generation.


So, The Canadian sports apparel business hired the firm for logo design in Vancouver after their presentation. The agency created an attractive symbol that caught the eye of some major junior hockey league teams which engaged the apparel company for providing them sports gear.

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