Latest news about Google Company

Latest news about Google Company Ι Google deleted 2.3B bad ads and 28M bad pages

Here, we give you all the latest news about Google company and all update on this. Google is a technical powerhouse in many categories including Google Ads. Today, under its efforts to improve the advertising business. It provided an annual update which gives details of the progress made to shut down some of its worst aspects. In 2018, using both manual review and machine learning. Google said that it removed 2.3 billion “bad ads,” stating that it has violated its policies, which generally prohibit those advertisements. Those who weaken or exploit weak people. Along with that, Google has started tackling the problem of “bad ads” on the other side pinpointing and closing sites that violate those policies that are making profits from using their ad network. He said that he deleted 1.5 million apps and nearly 28 million pages broke the publisher’s policy.

Latest News about Google Company

On a more active side, the company said today that it would introduce a new Advertising Policy Manager to suggest publishers for the first time to avoid listing non-compliant advertisements.

Google’s advertising machine earns billions of dollars for the company, which is more than $ 32 billion in the previous quarter, which is 83 percent of all revenue from Google. They rely on the wildly popular, free services such as Gmail, YouTube, Android, and search engines. But there is undoubtedly a dark side too. And that’s it Terrible ads that go through algorithms and mislead or exploit sensitive people, and sites that fund Google’s advertising network to spread the misleading information.

What is Google doing for its solution?

This past year, Google said that it verified 143k election ads in the US. It did not notice how many people banned it and started providing new data to those who are actually behind these advertisements.

The focus of both Google and Facebook last year has been on how the network is used to manipulate democratic processes. It is no surprise that this is an area where the governments have thoroughly investigated them. The risk is that if they do not show that they are not allowing dull political advertisements on their network. Because at the end they still represent ad revenue. For resolve this problem they must come with more policies being implemented from outside to curb your abuse.

Now, what Google does?

New sites that have started to improve the ranking of sites indexing it. And helping people find are also shaping up. Some 1.2 million pages, 22,000 apps, and 15,000 sites were removed from the Ad Network for violation of the wrong policies, hateful or other low-quality content. These included 74,000 pages and 190,000 advertisements that violated its “dangerous or abusive” material policy.

Scott Spencer, director of Google’s enduring ads, highlighted the ads removed from many specific categories this year. There were approximately 207K advertisements for ticket resellers, 531K publications for bailouts and 58.8M phishing ads from the network.

Because advertisements are like temporal trees falling in the forest, Google continues its efforts to identify bad applications and sites hosting ads from their networks.

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