ios 12 vs android pie

iOS 12 vs Android Pie: Which operating system is better?

iOS 12 vs Android Pie

iOS 12 vs Android Pie: Both Google and Apple have introduced new features for their latest operating system. One of the most important updates for Android Pie is that it is a combination of new signals.

Most newer smartphones are trying to avoid chin and display the display as much as possible. The only way to point out the physical home button is to remove it.

OnePlus has already implemented its own gesture running the oxygen OS. However, for Google Pixel, this is going to be something new As soon as the iPhone X was launched, iOS had a gesture.

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Both operating systems are currently in beta versions. So, this is not a very real comparison. But these are some of the main features that require our attention.

iOS 12 vs Android Pie: Which is Better?

You can see how the main features of both Android and iOS 12 compare against each other. You can also see a broader comparison on Clashroid. Let’s see how two OS compares.

For example, there were hundreds of nifty changes both in iOS and Android. However, one of the biggest changes for Android was its support for footprint and gesture.

The iPhone was the first flagship phone to use the notch. However, more android phones are following the trend due to that infinite endless display.

iOS 12 vs Android Pie
iOS 12 vs Android Pie

Comparison of iOS 12 and Android Pie

Let’s compare some key features of these two operating systems.

Gesture: Android Pie’s gesture support is new but it was already in iOS 11. However, iOS gestures are very easy and easy to remember.

Note Support: I personally prefer Android support. It’s customizable and looks better than the big slate of the apple. In fact, Android P has support for 3 types of footnotes.

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Voice Assistant: Comes to a voice assistant when Google threw Apple. Google Assistant is better and smarter than Siri in every possible way. I also used Google Assistant.

Usage monitoring: I think this is a tie. Both Android Pie and iOS 12 do very well. Usage Monitoring helps you manage your time more wisely. For example, I found that I spend countless hours on YouTube every day.

AR Capabilities: A new feature from Google – Cloud Anchor allows iOS and Android users to enjoy AR games. This is one of the best features.

All major mobile phone features explained here.

Face Unlock: The Face ID of Apple is more secure than most of the options there. So, iOS wins it. In fact, Face ID Jane 2 is coming soon, which is faster and more secure.

Performance: Android Pie is optimized for new hardware, which makes it fast. Apple’s performance was always better than Android’s performance. But now, it is almost neck-to-neck. Both OS performs very well. In the exhibition department, this is a clear tie.


Both Google and Apple are doing a great job with their new operating system. In fact, Apple is better and redesigned to its apple maps, which is much better to compete with Google Maps.

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