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What is Youtube and how to Install Youtube App?

Youtube is the most famous online video streaming platform across the world that was developed back in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. The platform allows users to share, view and upload unlimited video contents related to almost all existing topic in the world starting from technology, fashion, glamour, entertainment, music, movies, cooking, business, management, astrology, sports, wildlife, travel, mythology everything an individual can look for. Also, we tell you that how to install youtube app?

It’s not just for entertainment purpose but also helps us to learn a lot of things and increases our knowledge through its valuable informations. Initially, it was just a website for PCs, but gradually with the invention of smartphones and other advanced devices, Youtube via vidmate has been made available as a mobile application for all platforms like Android, IOS and Windows.

Features of Youtube


Youtube has a very clean and neatly arranged user interface that comes with an integrated search engine for keyword search with recommended suggestions as well as features all the trending and most watched videos along with relevant suggestions based on searched results.

The interface also helps you track the searched history, library, watch later section as well as subscriptions, Gaming, Live videos and Youtube movies on hovering over the three horizontal bars in the left side.  The top right corner features the video uploading icon, message inbox, and notifications and Account Management icon.


Youtube allows users to make huge amount money with the increase views, likes, comments and subscriptions of their videos. There are terms and conditions regarding Youtube’s monetization policy for the convenience of users and once you are comfortable and eligible with it, you can sign up for Adsense, enable the monetization option, set the preferences and save it to make the video a source of income.

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User Interaction

Youtube provides users a platform to like, comment on the videos as well as send messages to interact with each other. You get notified instantly as long as someone likes or comment in your videos and even subscribes your channel. You also get notified about the video suggestions and if someone sends you inbox messages.

Video management

Youtube via vidmate app facilitates faster uploading of videos for users, helps them create custom thumbnails, enable and disable the monetization, flexible streaming of online videos, 360-degree video recording, social media integration, and sharing and new cards for video content promotion. It also lets you customize your channel with branded layouts and banners as well as help in creating live streaming events.

How to use Youtube?

  • PC users can use Youtube by directly visiting the site without login or registration. However, they can also sign in with their Google Account to keep track of their viewed history, subscriptions and notifications.
  • To watch the videos, you can directly click on the featured videos as well as search by name to locate the targeted result.
  • All android and iPhone users can directly download Youtube application from Google Play Store and App Store respectively to enjoy the same facilities like in PC.


While there are many online video streaming sites that provide the same facilities like Youtube, but nothing beats the Powerpack performance and extensive features of Youtube that makes it the no.1 video streaming site in the world.

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