How to use Youwave Android on PC

How to use Youwave Android on PC  Ι Youwave Latest Version

How to use Youwave Android on PC: It’s easy to use Android emulator available for Youwave Windows. We will discuss using the Youwave Android emulator on PC. We have selected Youwave because this software is the simplest, fast and best Android emulator available in the market. This allows us to easily install Android applications on the PC and use it with the interface such as Android. Youwave uses PC internet connection inside the emulator to connect to the Internet and use PC WiFi for Android apps, which do not support other simulators.

How to use YouWave Android on PC are:

  • Download the Youwave Emulator and install on Windows / Mac
  • Configure YouWave
  • Download apk files on PC from ‘Google Play Store’
  • Import Android apps into YouWave (APK file)
  • Install important applications


How to Download and Install YouWave

First, you download YouWave Android emulation software. For Download the software Click Here Youwave Android Emulator Download. The latest version is 144 MB.

Minimum Requirements to Use YouWave on PC

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 1.6GHz (or more) with minimum 2GB RAM
  • Storage Space: Minimum 500 MB is required.
    Note: If your screen resolution is less than 800 * 600, then the initial appearance of Youwave will be larger than your screen. Therefore, you need to resize the interface which is discussed below.

Important: After installation, Windows Firewall will request you to allow you to access the Internet for YouWave. Allow on public and private networks. If you do not give permission, the emulator will not be able to use your PC’s internet connection.

Configure YouWave based on our requirements

How to use Youwave Android on PC: Youwave provides a variety of configurations to users. You can easily get the Android mobile interface in your PC and convert it to a tablet interface on your PC. For those who can not afford Smart Android phones. If you want to test Android apps from a developer view, YouWave is the best!

To change the Youwave emulator’s screen resolution

  1. First, go to File”
  2. Select “Restart Android”
  3. Click on the desired resolution.
  4. Once you start again, the YouWave window will be converted into the resolution you have selected. The mobile/tablet depends on the selected resolution of the interface.
  5. Download the Android app to import
    Now, you have successfully configured the interview to interview.

How to download Youwave Latest Version:

  • To use the Android app on YouWave, you need to download an APK file from Google Play. You can see the latest and cool apps to download for this Android emulator.
  • Import Android Apps to YouWave
  • Once you download the app from the market, now it will be time to import them into the Youwave emulator. You can also import mobile number tracker applications to test your functionality.

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To import, follow the steps:

  1. Open the YouWave Android emulator.
  2. See the top bar of the Youwave software.
  3. You will see the directory address: C: user {user name} youwave
  4. Go to the directory and downloaded to that place. Enter APK files.
  5. Now, open YouWave.
  6. “See” => “radro icon”.
  7. You will see the icon of the imported app.

How to install the app on YouWave?

Once you complete the import, you can install them. Just follow the steps:

  • Select “View” => “Radio icon”
  • You will see a new panel on the left with the icon of imported apps.
  • Double-click on the icon only once.
  • Wait a few seconds, say 10 seconds.
  • Go to the Android menu, you will see the app installed.
  • Just like using your Android mobile phone, tap on the app and use it easily.

How to use Youwave Android on PC: The emulator’s multitasking capabilities depend on the PC hardware resource availability and the reaction of your PC. If this is slow due to the virus, use the Microsoft Security Essentials for shortcut Virus Remover and Windows 8 with Recovery to keep your PC safe.

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