How to start a Blog

How to start a blog Ι Easy Guide for Beginner

How To Start a Blog: If you are thinking about how to start a blog. Or turn it off because you’re afraid you’ll mess it up.

Well – today’s day!

You are finally going to “create a blog” from your to-do list. And it will be easier than you expected. Even if you are not good with a computer.

How to start a blog

In this beginner guide, I’m going to give you the silly instructions to set up the blog, get your “.com”, and find a design you like – making it impossible to guide you with pictures Thinking wrong.

On the way, I will share some tips that will save you time and money!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • 6 easy steps to start a blog.
  • Choose your blogging platform.
  • Choose a host for your blog.
  • Decide a domain name.
  • WordPress Set (Easy Way)
  • Choose and customize a design.
  • Start typing!
How to start a blog
How to start a blog

I promise: I will make it all so simple, you will be able to start your blog in only one meeting:

1. Pick a blogging platform.

Starting a blog with WordPress When I say “forum”, I mean that you will use to run your blog. You have a lot of options: WordPress, Vicks, Weblie, and SquareSpace to give a few names.

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You can read a detailed review of the 10 most popular platforms here – but save me some time:

If you want to start a blog on a forum then WordPress is your best choice.

Is initially friendly, Blogging makes it easy to write an email. Allows you to keep your “.com”
There is no monthly charge (you only need the host and the domain name). Comes with 5,000+ themes tailored to your style. And One day you give your blog the power to earn money. More than 91% of all blogs on the Web are the reason for WordPress. Org powers, including 62% of the top 100 company blogs.

But please exit and do not sign up yet! I will show you how to install WordPress in step 4 with just one click – and how to configure it all – but some quick things we need to do first.

Could not I start a blog for free on a site like Blogger?

How to start a blog: Yes, you can create your blog for free on sites like Blogger. I do not recommend this, because there are some serious serious flaws that you should know about:

  • It will be difficult to find your site.

    Want a good site address like “”? very bad. With a free site, you will get stuck with something like “” – so few people will find your content.

  • You will not control the content.

    Imagine that when your blog is taken offline you lose working years because you broke the rules without knowing it. Sound away? It is time to have it laugh.

  • You can not customize the way you want to optimize your site.

    No free plugins to add functionality like calendars or online shops Limited theme, so your site looks like everyone else. Boooooring

  • You will feel expensive to switch.

    When you decide that you want more control, switching from free platform to something like WordPress can take hours of manual work and formatting.

  • Someone else will benefit from your hard work.

    This is the worst: Free platforms reserve the right to place ads on your content. Imagine viewing a huge, ugly pop-up for a product that you do not even support on your blog, – and do not earn any money from it! Uncomfortable, is not it?
    You are better than creating a WordPress blog that can grow with you.

2. Choose a host for your blog.

Let’s say that you have chosen WordPress as your blogging platform (smart move!), Your next step is to choose a web hosting service.

When it comes to hosting, then three things really matter:

After: You want a host that will not go offline randomly (bad hosts do it all the time!)
Support: If something goes wrong, you need fast support from real experts.
Prices: You are worth the fair pricing – and no hidden fees!

If you want web hosting which is cheaper, but safe and reliable, then I strongly recommend Godaddy.

Why would you love Godaddy:

  • One-click on WordPress installation (fast; no mess with technical stuff).
  • Their uptime is excellent.
  • WordPress advises them.

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