How do get more followers on Twitter fast in 2018

HOW DO GET MORE FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER? OK, so you know all about twitter and how it works. And you have had an account for some time but you don’t have many followers, if any at all. It’s frustrating, especially if you are using twitter to get your name out there; I intend to help you out by explaining how you can get more followers on twitter.

Of course, the more followers you have, the more likely you are to become a well-known name throughout the internet. When it comes to marketing yourself in this way, it’s really important to know how to make sure that you have as many followers as possible.


  • Right, just tweeting all day long will probably not help, for a start you’ll start to sound boring and quite frankly a little desperate. Try making sure that you tweet on a daily basis but not more than once or twice, make sure that what you tweet is something that will be interesting to the people that are already following you and ensure that you put “retweet” or “RT” and the end of your message.


  • HOW DO GET MORE FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER? Twitter have thought about the fact that people wish to have as many followers as possible on their website, after all, it’s in their interest. Every Friday, there is something called “follow Friday”. This where people can go to the site and recommend up to 5 people they think are worth following. It’s really easy to find out how this is done on their website. You may also like to read about

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  • HOW DO GET MORE FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER? Introduce people to each other on the website, only do this if you think they will get along. The last thing you need is to start an argument about whether Manchester United or Manchester City are the best football team in the premiership! If this works out then you will find that they will start to introduce you to people as well. This will help increase the number of followers you have on twitter.


  • HOW DO GET MORE FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER? Check out the businesses that are signed up with twitter and follow those that are in the field of business that interests you. They will more than likely follow you as well as this is a good reflection on them. Don’t however, just follow any old business; they may think that your profile doesn’t suit them and you will have wasted your time.

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  • Try sending a public message to someone that has already got lots of followers. Start your message with the @ sign followed by their username. When your message goes live, everyone that is following them will see it and may start to follow you as well.


  • Above all, make sure that your profile is interesting to others. Fill out as much information as is allowed on the website and make it catchy so that people will notice you. One good piece of advice here is to keep it short. Most people (like me) have a pretty short attention span and if your profile is too long, they will switch off!


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