How can I create a free website

How can I create a free website and make money on google?

How can I create a free website: Google can provide you the most beneficial opportunity to create your own mobile-optimized website for free. And if you want to create a website for your business then simply create your Google My Business account. Google will automatically capture your information and photos that you have added to the list of elements of the website. You can customize your photos and theme as your desire. Once you make a website if you desire to make any changes the website itself will update. These websites are fully optimized for mobile, desktop or laptops.

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When you claimed the purpose of your website, a dialog box will appear, providing you with an opportunity to start creating your website. Your first step is to simply click on “Preview your site”.  If you have not decided the purpose of your ecommerce website design, then you may also click “Not now” at the moment but you can still come back when you have decided your Website menu. The remaining method is quite simple, click as per instructions on the screen and follow the steps to finish the process.

How can I create a free website?

After creating a website now it’s time to make it productive for you. So let’s discuss some ways through which you can make money from your website.

  1. Trade of your own digital products

How can I create a free website: In this era of digitalization, nobody wants to lack broadcasting his/her products. Even the market depends upon the online markets. This is so because now people purchase and sell easily through websites. The simplest way is to create your pdf file with some details of online selling of your products. You should be very careful while selecting products and selling them online because it depends upon the demand of the product. Most of the time people use SamCart (on the official website) for selling products. You can take a free trial on this webpage.

  1. Making ads

How can I create a free website: It is one the most popular way of earning money while using website due to maximum return. While creating an ad you must be aware of how it should look like, in which ways it will work etc. via ads you can earn thousands because money is made via clicks. Greater are the numbers of click greater pile of money you will make. But some people already know about them so they may avoid clicking. The selling of ad can be in two ways:

  1. Directly do work with advertisers.
  2. Contact a middle person who can help you to meet advertisers.
  3. Generate a Job Board

How can I create a free website: The job boards work in the very professional way. All you need to do is to post a job which people give and readers will apply for them. Lots of most authentic website design company used to follow this manner to monetize a website. The most recommended software is ThemeForest because they offer a variety of themes and plugins. As far as promotion of your job board is a concern, you may utilize the option of advertising space. Always keep your rate low initially and when you get enough customers and get the best of their work, your customer’s count will be enhanced.

  1. Selling Services

How can I create a free website: It is the popular technique which people acquire to get money from the website. When you get enough experience in selling services, it will be easy for you to build your own blog. The blog is the finest way of selling services as the traffic is maximum on blogs and selling services demands the traffic. Using a blog, you can create a page in a WordPress. Here you can add buy now button, what you intend to offer and testimonials. Payments are made via Stripe and PayPal.

  1. Offer a Premium Content or Membership Site

In the last few years, this technique has gone viral. You have to post engaging content on your website. People will visit your website to read that content. If they like it they will expect some more from you. So you will earn good enough if you provide a quality content. You should know what you are offering to your probable customers. Now create a portal for them, where they will get membership after login and then they will be able to see what you are selling to them.

After setting up now you not make awareness among people. So you can choose email marketing or advertising. Ads should be made in such a way that you should mention that if they like your content they can also visit your website to learn more. Or you can also go for affiliate marketing of your membership site. It will possibly enhance traffic on your site and ultimately your sales. The most recommended software is SamCart in terms of affiliate program software, for billing, upsell pages and checkout pages. You can also go for ThemeForest to get additional themes.

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