Google Pay app India

Google Pay App India: Google Tej is now Google Pay। New updates

Google Pay App India

Google will join hands with four banks to provide credit facility to Google Pay.

Google Pay App India: Google reloaded the fast app as a Google Pay app on Tuesday. About 2.2 million monthly users of this app, launched a year ago. Internet company Google will soon provide loans to people in large numbers in India. For this, the company has talked of partnership with four Indian banks. These include HDFC, ICICI, Federal Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank. During an event in New Delhi Google Vice President of Payment Services said that through this, Google wants to reach out to millions of Indians at the earliest level.

Google Pay new Strategy

Google’s new move could be a challenge for emerging Indian companies like Paytm. Recently, at Petmi, Japan’s Softbank, Alibaba of China and Hathaway of Warren Buffet invested. Patmi is trying to get internet banking facility in the remote areas of the country through its payment bank service. In the coming days, Paytm has also planned to launch insurance and mutual funds in India. But the plan to provide Google loan can cause problems for him.

Look at the market of 70 million crores of South Asia: Google last year launched its payment app ‘Tej’ with the government’s Unified Payment Interface (UPI) service. Through this, Google tried to put an impact on a large digital community in South Asia. There are about 2.2 million monthly users in India. According to a firm named Credit Suisse, by 2023, the scope of digital payments in South Asia will increase fivefold to $ 1 trillion. In such a case, Google’s move can be very beneficial to him.

Google Pay app India
Google Pay app India

Google Pay App India: Learn about Digital Payments Top Factors

Google changed its digital platform for faster this week to Google. The company has increased partnership with third-party applications and services to increase the reach of Google Pay. The most important thing is that users will be able to apply for loans from major banks of the country through Google Pay. Updates to the app will be applicable for pre-approved loan. Google has partnered with major banks such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Federal Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank. Users will be given an instant loan facility through Google Pay. The special thing is that Google launched the fast app in September. Money from this app of the Google-based Google can be transacted.

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Let’s say 22 million users currently use this app. The company claims that since launching in September last year 750 million transactions have been done through this app. Google Pay has been downloaded more than 50 million times on the Play Store. Learn the Top Five Factors of Google Pay …

Transaction of money through audio

Apart from traditional peer-to-peer transactions, through Google Pay, you can also send money to your friends via audio based QR system. Ultrasonic waves are used to create a one-time code for digital payment on Google. This feature works on all phones with Near Field Connectivity (NFC) support.

Payment of water, gas and electricity bill

In addition to peer-to-peer transactions, through Google Pay, you can pay bills like your DTH service, gas, wait, insurance, property tax, and auto finance. Users can also pay services such as mobile, landline and broadband through Google Pay. With Google Pay, you can still pay for Redbus, TataSky, BESCOM, and Goibibo.

Many options meet for payment

With the help of Google Pay, users can send money using bank details and IFSC codes. Apart from this, you can send money directly to the UPI ID, QR code or any faster user. This app also shows a list of contacts that you can send directly. Good thing is that the history of every transaction can be seen in this app.

Cashback scheme

Google Cashback scheme also provides for users using Google PayPal. Right now, if a user trades 150 or more, then you can get a scratch card of up to 1,000. The company also offers many promotional scratch cards for the users. 50 bucks cashback is available on the bill from the app. Apart from this, a user gets a cashback of Rs. 51 on referring to the Google Fast Link.

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