Enserch Photography Workshop

Enserch Photography Workshop Features and Benefits

Enserch Photography Workshop

Enserch Photography Workshop: I know about this free workshop from PhotoMalaysia forum. I quickly send a Yahoo mail to reserve a place. We thought its gonna be full since it’s free and how expensive a normal photography workshop can be (around RM500++).

It was held at Faber Towers at Taman Desa. Free parking (maybe on Saturday and Sunday only – I don’t know). Quite a big hall to accommodate enough crowd.

At the start, I think it is better if Puan Susi (if not mistaken) do the introduction rather than playing a slideshow with lots of text to read. I get bored with the slideshow. I know to be NGO and such means they do not have enough fund to do nice video montage, just less text, more picture would be better for the introduction slideshow.

Ok. It was not a fully featured workshop. More of talk. But a very informative one from the speaker Mr. Sanjitpal Singh. There are a few points that I take during the talk/experience sharing.

Photography is fun and an amazing thing to do.

Enserch Photography Workshop: Best way to improve photography is not to spend more time in front of a laptop. Go out and shoot!

Aperture priority is the most popular choice among amateur. Recommended to use to enter the competition (Research National Photography Competition 2011) also recommended using small aperture number (big opening).

White balance determines how cold or warm your photo is. Cold refers to blue, Warm refer to red.

Try to mess around with White Balance, it’ll come out as slightly different color. Not for a documentary since it needs the natural looking.

A quick way to determine what White Balance to use is to turn on Live View and play around with White Balance see which one closest to pure white. In the competition, judges look for beauty.

Beauty does not mean pretty. Beauty can be interpreted in many ways.

  • Colors.
  • Composition.
  • Action.
  • Surrounding.
  • Angle.
  • Subject.

About and Features

And a few experiences that I manage to jot down. Mr. Sanjitpaal is on assignment on taking a photo of Orangutan at Sepilok. When in the forest, he saw Orang Utan at a big tree, very huge called Ironwood. Se he going up by a ladder and onto the platform at around 300++ feet. Then he starts taking photos with his Olympus 300mm with teleconverter which translate to around 1200mm (I don’t know what else is involved – Missed some part here) and weight around 13 kg.

He spends about an hour taking a picture when shutter makes the funny sound. Then shutter broke. Not working. He said, imagine I am deep in a forest with a broken camera. Nothing to do, so pack the items and go to Kota Kinabalu and called the sponsor to update on what happened.

Enserch Photography Workshop Benefits

The sponsor said no problem, go to this shop and get a replacement camera. Unfortunately, it is the weekend and the shop is closed. He had to wait for the shop to open to get a replacement camera and continue with the assignment. My take on this is shit happens, so best we prepared for it when it happens.

Never ever use flash to take Owl picture. There is a case where a guy takes pictures of an Owl with flash multiple times. The Owl got scared and fly away. Not far from that around 200m or so they found the Owl dead. [Something to do with Owl sensitive eyes being blind by the flash and who knows what happen – my add]

Same goes to frog, never use flash to take pictures of it. Not even LED flashlight. The white light makes them scared. Best to use the yellow bulb flashlight.

Overall I enjoy the workshop thought it was kind of short. But what to expect from a free workshop. Also, you got almost all the tips on how to enter and win the competition. The tips are direct from the judges of the competition. What more can you ask?

Note to me, next time bring name card (still not finish yet printing meh?) so we can exchange contact. Kinda hard to write down phone no and email.

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