Android Rooting

What is Android Rooting? Advantage and Disadvantage of Rooting Android

Android Rooting

Android Rooting: Whenever we take a new Android phone, it has some limit on the company side. Under which we can use the same features on our phone, which the company has given us. But if we break this limit and want to use some new features, then we have to root our phone. And when we break the boundaries of the company, then we call it Root in the language of science.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of Android Root is also very important. Because if you have some advantage in it, then there are some bad things that you need to know.

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Advantage of Rooting Android Mobile:

If you route your Android mobile then it has many advantages. You can change your Android version.

For example, if your Android version is 4.1, then you can do 5.1 or even marshmallow with the help of custom ROMs on it.

You can change custom fonts in your phone. Also, You can delete the preinstalled app ie system app. So, You can record mobile screens and much more you can change according to your own.

Disadvantage of Rooting Android:

  • Explain that if there are advantages on something, then there is a lot of damage. In the same way, there is the advantage of rooting Android mobile, so it is also worthless. So let’s know about these dangers!
  • Your phone’s warranty will go away as soon as you are root. If you have a new phone and you have rooted your phone You will lose your phone’s warranty.
  • The second problem is that your phone can be Brick or Dead as soon as the phone is routed, and once your phone is dead, you will only see the phone’s logo on the phone and nothing else. Then, to correct this problem, you have to flash stock ROM on this phone.
  • The security will go to your Android phone. That means any third-party app can access your phone easily, which is also called phone hacking.

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