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About TechKida: In TechKida, we work all day because we want to provide the current and fresh information about Mobiles and all electronic Items. Reviewing new Internet products, Reviews, Tech news, Tech Talks and breaking technology news from worldwide sources.

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Founded in 2018, TechKida and its network of a website are exploring itself with the support of new and great people.

One Man Team

I am Anshul Ahuja. I am Ceo and Content Writer who formerly work out of TECHKIDA office. A writer by a day and a reader by night. I Like to learn and share technical tips with you.

And I am the only one who runs this website because I Love Blogging

Anshul Ahuja

Anshul Ahuja

Founder & CEO & Contant Writter


A Blogger. CEO of TECHKIDA.                     Content Writer